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Books: Wake-up Call

Books: Wake-up Call

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Cherry has an enormous wake-up call at the age of 30.

When Cherry Lawson gains insight, she becomes faced with life-altering decisions that require her to act fast! The longer she contemplates what to do, the harder it becomes for her to sleep peacefully at night. After all, it haunts her daily.

If only Aunt Geraldine had never sent THAT book...Cherry silently resents her aunt's gift. Deep down, she knows that Aunt Geraldine is not to blame, for she had showered her with books ever since she was a child. Still, no book had rocked Cherry's world the way this one had done. This book forced her to take countless looks at the woman in the mirror. As painful as self-reflection was, Cherry could NOT put the book down! Just like she could not stop thinking about her daughter Viva.

Ever since Cherry's awakening, she and the love of her life (Vincent Yates) are rarely on the same page. Getting Vincent to see how crucial it is for her to change is impossible, leaving Cherry with only one other option- to leave him.

So many decisions and so little time. Is Cherry capable of putting the book's teaching into action? How can she get through to beautiful yet stubborn Viva? Will Cherry walk away from love to save both her and Viva or will she dismiss the awakening altogether?

The sequel to Wake-up Call will be coming in 2023, so make sure you read this book first.

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