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Twenty-four-year-old Brian McKinley went to bed and had sweet dreams about his beautiful girlfriend, Lelah, but he awakened to find himself trapped in the middle of someone’s sick nightmare.
His recently received master’s degree from Vanderbilt University, but his keen logic, and high I.Q. are no match for his kidnappers. It seems his deep pockets can’t even get him out of this perilous situation.

Strangers, whispers and darkness engulf him for fourteen days, while he’s confined to a chair in an unfamiliar place. How much longer can he withstand this torture and feeling of uncertainty? He misses Lelah and his home terribly. What did he ever do to deserve this?

Brian wants answers while his kidnappers want revenge.
On the 15th day, masks are removed, and all is revealed.
Could it be that he is really guilty as charged? Brian learns that the
sinister game that he has been forced to play is centered around a well-organized scheme that looks like it could end in death for him. Can Brian get his kidnappers to see that he is an innocent man, or will he succumb to The Repayment Plan?
 What started off as just a short story (like Epiphany’s Highway to Heaven), is now a novel! What’s very special about The Repayment Plan is that it’s Epiphany’s first suspense thriller! So if you are a reader who loves a little mystery with a couple of twists and turns, this is the perfect read for you! All of Epiphany’s books are tax-free. 

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