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Highway to Heaven is my fifth published book, but my very first novel. At first it was just a short story that I wrote decades ago. I had so much fun adding onto it and reading it to my family as I focused on character development. You just may be able to find yourself in one of these unique people. So far, I've created a character interview for Sheniqua Copper, but Karla Copper is also one of the main characters. If you missed Sheniqua's interview, it's in my blog section so check it out and email me your thoughts.

To my readers who have purchased/read Highway to Heaven, are you Team Karla too? Why or why not? Inquiring minds want to know...

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Check out Karla's interview below. ENJOY and share with a friend!!! 


QUESTION #1 What is your favorite thing to do?

I love to play basketball and hang out with my friends.


QUESTION #2 Are you the oldest child in your family?

No, Sheniqua is one year older than me. I have two younger sisters.


QUESTION #3 Tell me about your parents. Are they married?

Go ask them. I think they're doing just fine.


QUESTION #4 How are those grades and what grade are you in?

I'm a freshman and I make straight A's without even trying.


QUESTION #5 Awesome! What drives you?

My neighborhood. Between my hooping skills and my intelligence, I'm gettin' up out Mahogany Lakes! Besides, it’s expected of me. (sigh)


QUESTION #6 Describe your style. Do you like to dress up?

Me. That's my style. Most of the time, I like to wear my clothes baggy like the group TLC, and you will never ever catch ME in a dress! (laughs)


QUESTION #7 What's wrong with dresses?

Nothing. That's just not my style. You see this jersey I'm wearing and these Girbaud jeans? This is ME. Let me ask YOU a question. Why does everyone have so many expectations of me? Like...let me be Karla.


QUESTION #8 ok so do you have a boyfriend?

A what? (laughter) Ewwww!! Never that.


QUESTION #9 Do you have a favorite color?

Not really.


QUESTION #10 Are you and your siblings close?

I guess so but me and Sheniqua used to be closer before she met that boy.


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Thank you for taking the time to read my character interview for Karla Copper.

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