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Good evening! It's interview time!!! Not too long ago, I interviewed Author Tara Baja, one of my author friends. Tara is a very fun, creative and interesting person. Her poetry is from the heart, and I encourage you to check out her work (not just her poetry). During this interview, I discovered that Tara has a plethora of poetry books that I didn't know about! Speaking of...Tara has a new poetry book (Daughter of Stars and Nightmares: Poems From the Soul. Anyway, I don't want to spill the beans, so just keep reading and enjoy!

How old were you when you realized that you enjoyed writing?
I think I was 9 or 10 years old. I was in the 3rd grade, and we had an assignment for Black History month. I wrote about Phyllis Wheatley, who was a slave and poet back in the 18th century. I was inspired to write a poem with my report, and my teacher liked the poem so much, she entered it in a contest where I won second or third place! I can't remember. But I do remember how I loved to make the words flow as I told a story.

You are a very creative person being that you write fiction, poetry, and you also create journals. Which do you enjoy doing the most? Tell why.
Poetry is my first love so I'll say that but creating journals and self-publishing in general, lets me be
creative in another way that gives me a different satisfaction than finishing a poem. Goes back to third
grade lol, the same class, we had the Print Shop floppy disks and the old Mac computers. I was able to
make greeting cards, banners, newsletters. I was always making something pretty. But again poetry, is my number one love!
If you were stranded on an island and had to choose one celebrity to accompany you, who would you choose and why? 
I can't think of a person let alone a celebrity that I'd like to spend any time with. I'm pretty solitary lol.
Maybe Charlie Hunnam because at least he's pretty to look out. Or Ethan Hawkes because we can talk about books and write new ones and he's pretty to look at. Actually, forget both of them, right now I'm a little obsessed with Pedro Pascal. He's so talented, down to earth, funny and he's pretty to look at.
Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, what do you do to overcome it? 
ALL THE TIME! If I have writers block, I leave it alone and start another project, and exercise my creative mind in another way. I usually have TV on in the background and sometimes that helps too. There's always something crazy popping off on Law-and-Order SVU.
What book did you fall in love with as a child? 
Well, my favorite book is actually the book I fell in love with as a child. It's called The Westing Game and it's by Ellen Raskin. It reminded me of my favorite movie Clue, and I can still read it to this day. I enjoy it even though I know whodunnit.
How many published books do you have? List them. 
Well, to save time, I'll just list my poetry and fiction books By Tara Baja
Never Mind the Abyss: A Book of Poetry and Prose
Agents of Fortune: Poems Inspired by Past Loves and Male Muses
She Stay Lit: Poetry in Images
"That's What," She Said: A Book of Poems
Daughter of Stars and Nightmares: Poems From the Soul
My pen name Lula Brielle, more adult writing..
While Cat's Away
Lula Brielle Presents a Collection of Sexy Six Word Stories
Which book is your personal favorite and why?
Never Mind the Abyss: A Book of Poetry & Prose

One of your most recently published books (fourth poetry book) is "That’s What," She said: A Book of Poems. Which poem is your favorite? Why? 
  • This is the 9th poem in the book, I believe...
    She's 100%
    A rebel of a devil
    In disguise
    She says she's out
    Looking for love
    Yet she relishes in
    Your demise
    Be wary
    Of the scary
  • Princess
    She can see
    In the dark
    All your lies
    And now
    She's nothing
    Than a memory.
    A myth
    Or just a trick
    Of the eyes. 
    Which comes first for you—the plot or the characters? Explain. 
    That's a good question. I think the plot has to come first. The What if? Then I'd think about the characters. 
    Do any of your characters remind you of yourself or other people you know? If yes, explain how, who and which book. 
    There's always elements of myself in my main characters but also something completely opposite of me.
    For example, Catalina from While Cat's Away is a smart Puerto Rican girl who grew up in the projects of Spanish Harlem... much like me, but she gets to go to Yale. I never wanted to go to college.
    Use four adjectives to describe yourself. Sweet, Crazy, Creative, Solitary
    If an aspiring writer came to you for advice, what would you tell him/her? 
    If you ever feel your work is s remember 50 Shades of Grey exists and look how successful that is.

    What’s the last song you listened to? List song and artist. Borderline by Tame Impala

    How can readers stay connected to you? List social media info, website info, etc. 
    I'm on Facebook:
    Amazon: search for Tara Baja for my poetry and Lula Brielle for my fiction
    Goodreads: search for Tara Baja or Lula Brielle


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