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Hello! Here's one of my personal favorites from my upcoming poetry book (LIFE, AS SEEN THROUGH HER INTROVERTED EYES: A POETRY & PROSE COLLECTION).

GRAY EYES written by Epiphany Z. Crush

He had the strangest eyes;
the kind that said he didn't like goodbyes.
He had the strangest eyes;
strange yet beautiful, slanted and gray-
where ancient secrets lay,
waiting for the perfect ears.
His eyes and singing brought me to tears.
His mouth was shy,
but his eyes begged me to stay,
and all he wanted to do
was sit and chill and laugh and chat.
His eyes yearned for a hug.
His demeanor said, "She may not be cool with that."
So I took the lead...
A simple hug but it was a huge delight.
It told me that he had not been loved right.
His hands were big, brown, and well-groomed.
A blizzard brought us together...
now stuck in this room.
He was a good listener;
His conversation was on a really deep level.
No other man had captivated me. Never!
As the orange flames danced behind him in the fireplace,
I admired the way his dreads accented his face.
He had the strangest eyes;
the kind that said he didn't like goodbyes.
The snow showed no mercy, so I stayed
and we held onto the night as if it was ours-
hoping the blizzard would continue for hours.
Silently, we prayed that the snow would never melt.
Like soul mates...that's how our connection felt.
Like him, I was not fond of goodbyes,
so I seized the moment and I got lost in his eyes.        © 2021 EPIPHANY Z. CRUSH

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